Welcome to Wears Valley

Wears Valley Tennessee is sleepy little town with some pretty big ideas. You will find some great little restaurants offering from Breakfast, Lunch to Pizza. Small and large shops offering unique items only found in the Great Smoky Mountains. Hundreds of rental cabins with 1 to 20 bedrooms and “lots” of land for sale. As of 2019 you can connect to The Foothills Parkway in the center of Wears Valley. Unmatched views await those who take this scenic drive now accessible from Wears Valley, what was once known as the “Missing Link” is now open for the public and is an awesome addition to the valley.

One of the newest items (actually one of the oldest) you will find in the Valley is Moonshine! We offer more kinds of “Shine” than you can shake a stick at! Now offering everything from regular clear Moonshine to cinnamon, caramel and cherry!!

You’ll find local coffee shops, a General Store, Wine Cellar and more along with the new connection to the Foothills Parkway located in the center of the Wears Valley area.

Weddings! There are so many venues for weddings in the greater Wears Valley area that it is amazing. If you can’t find it in The Valley chances are you are looking in the wrong place.