Restaurants and Dining

Where are some interesting places to dine on Wears Valley Road or in the Wears Valley, Tennessee area of East Tennessee?

Chef Tony Catering

Chef Tony has become known in the Wears Valley area as the finest caterer in the area and is highly respected for his excellence in every detail of your special occasion. Offering packages to groups of 50 and over including wedding cakes, buffets, special packages and more. You won’t even remember what food tasted like before you try what Chef Tony can create.

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Friendly Falls

If you are planning a trip to Wears Valley, no vacation in the valley would be complete without a visit to Friendly Falls! Friendly Falls is… well… friendly! The locals find Friendly Falls to be a favorite and so do our guests. Read the reviews and find out why people love to visit Friendly Falls. We classify Friendly Falls as a Must Stop location in Wears Valley. Things you can do at Friendly Falls are: * Picnic! * Eat a…

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