What are the top 5 things to do in Wears Valley?

It is late summer in Wears Valley, school school will begin soon and it is time to consider your last getaway for the season, or possibly plan for autumn trip to the Smokies.  We hope you will consider staying in Wears Valley.   Wears Valley is a different experience, quieter, and friendlier than you might find in downtown Pigeon Forge.  Now, granted, we love the fun of the parkway and encourage you to spend some time in the center of the activity, but it sure can be nice to retire to the quiet of Wears Valley.

So if you spent a day in Wears Valley with your family, what might you do?

#1.  Go Gem Mining. All ages love gem mining!

#2.  Antique Shop.  You will find many antique shops along Wears Valley Road. Many memories have been held for your shopping pleasure at more than a few antique stores you will find all along Wears Valley Road.

#3. See Goats.  Whether you choose to see them on the roof or on a rock, only in Wears Valley can you see them both, all within just a few miles of each other.  This is a must see, just turn on Wears Valley Road and watch for both. Goats on the Roof and Goats on a Rock.

#4. Wear Farm Park.  The city of Pigeon Forge built a beautiful park on Wears Valley Road that is called Wear Farm Park.  Let the kids play on their fantastic playground area, take a walk, visit the store next door for some ice cream.

#5. Metcalf Bottoms.  Metcalf Bottoms is the Wears Valley entrance to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  It is a must do, must see area of Wears Valley Road.  Turn on Line Springs road and continue in to the park.  There are picnic areas and places to put your feet in the water.  It is amazing and you must go.

Why stay in Wears Valley? Well, because it is cool, quiet and much like you dream the Smokies should be.