Wears Valley

RRW Krawlzone
One of the more unique attractions in Wears Valley and one that caters to both hobbyists for the subject, as well as casual patrons who want to see what attracts the hobbyists in the first place, RRW Krawl Zone brings the industry of RC cars and supercharges it in Wears Valley. Take miniature, surprisingly well-built and maintained cars on their own adventures in the Smokies within the KrawlZone, upgrade your RC car at the KrawlZone hobby shop, get information on RC car events and more! What’s the attraction? It’s like a cross between the older hobbies of making miniatures and model kits with mechanical Legos and getting to take that imagination to real outdoor space built specifically for the purpose of letting that imagination run wild (and not losing the car!)

Gem Mining at Friendly Falls
Bring the family and enjoy the best Gem Mining experience in the Smokies at Gnorbert’s Magic Gem Mine. Buckets range from $15 – $35 dollars and provide all kinds of fun for all ages. Visit the Rock Shop also!

Gnorbert’s Magic Gem Mine at Friendly Falls.

Shine Runner UTV Rentals
What could be more fun than exploring the beautiful Smoky Mountains in your UTV Rental? We offer half and full day rentals. Renting a UTV is an amazing way to discover what our area has to offer and adds a little more excitement to sightseeing. Take our UTVs to Townsend, Cades Cove, Newfound Gap in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and many more visually stunning places we have on our roads. Get the best vehicular availability with our UTV rentals!